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HHC is a Private Practice

Integrating cutting-edge technology and deep medical expertise to fight cancer more effectively.


Patient Assistance Program

Although we do not directly provide financial support, we use various medical foundations to help make treatment more affordable.

FDA-approved drugs

HHC has the ability to choose from a broader range of FDA-approved drugs, even for uses beyond what they were originally approved 


Focus on Precision Oncology

A personalized plan can improve patient’s chance of survival significantly


Years of quality service


Years of quality service

Dr. Nader Javadi, Oncologist and Hematologist


Top Fearless Leaders in the field

Top Oncologist and Hematalogist

You’re covered

Dr. Javadi has achieved a remarkable milestone in his career, being recognized by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) as one of the top 50 fearless leaders in oncology. This nomination highlights his role as an oncologist and hematologist of the year, underscoring his significant contributions to cancer treatment and blood disorders.

In his journey as a healthcare professional, Dr. Javadi has consistently demonstrated an exceptional blend of expertise and compassion. He has played a pivotal role in advancing the understanding of cancer and hematological conditions, making significant strides in both the diagnosis and treatment of these complex diseases.

One of Dr. Javadi’s key strengths lies in his approach to patient care. He believes in tailoring treatments to individual needs, ensuring that each patient receives the most effective and personalized care

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