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At Hope Health Center, we specialize in innovative cancer treatments that cater to individuals with complex and advanced cases, often when traditional therapies have failed. Our clinic’s dedication to cutting-edge genetic studies and personalized care plans has enabled many patients to regain quality of life and manage their conditions effectively, setting new standards in cancer care.

Case #1- Pancreatic Cancer

72 year old man with history of pancreatic cancer, specifically a high grade (fastgrowing) neuroendocrine tumor presented with a 5 cm tumor in the body of pancreas and 5-7 metastatic lesions in his liver. He was treated with IVchemotherapy as a standard approach for 3 months. He showed 10-20%shrinkage of tumor but then he progressed very fast after 6 months. He was thenstarted on a new special treatment protocol using a new chemo and anti-angiogenesis targeted therapy specifi cally designed for this patient. He went intocomplete pancreatic cancer remission in just 4 months of the new therapy. Hispancreatic cancer disappeared completely based on PET scan results shownhere. Patient enjoys a complete remission for the last 2 years with no evidence ofdisease. To our knowledge this is the fi rst patient in the world treated with such aprotocol for pancreatic cancer.

Case #2- Prostate Cancer

80 year old man with history of advanced metastatic prostate cancer who hadfailed many prior therapies including chemotherapy and hormonal therapiespresented with 40 lbs weight loss, wheelchair bond and in severe pain requiringhigh dose narcotic pain killer. Prostate cancer was involving all his bones shownon bone scan. He was treated with special salvage protocol without anysignifi cant side effects. Just 1-2 weeks after 1st prostate cancer treatment hispain resolved by 90% and after one month he regained 20 lbs with good appetite.After 2 months he was walking well without any assistance and no pain. After 3months his bone scan (shown here) revealed almost 90% tumor clearance. Thispatient had been told to go on hospice (end of life care) with no more treatmentoffered. He lived another 3.5 years with a good quality of life.

Case #3- Brain Tumor

A.N is a 55 year old male patient who presented with an aggressive brain tumor called “Glioblastome Multiforme with sarcamatoid features” with an average survival between 9-12 months with standard therapies which include chemo and radiation. patient was treated initially with radiation and chemo for 6 months. he relapsed and his tumor got bigger. chemotherapy was changed and treated for another 6 months with progression. he was seen in our clinic and started on a combination chemo and targeted therapy and using some off label medications. He’s been in complete remission and no evidence of disease for 1.5 years with normal quality of life.

Case #4- Ovarian Cancer

A.H is a 57 year old female patient who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovariancancer. she had surgery followed by chemotherapy. she progressed on chemowhich switched 2 times with new regimens. she kept progressing to the point shewas offered only palliative care with an estimated life expectancy of only 2-3weeks. She presented to our clinic and had special genetic studies on her tumor.she was given a unique combination chemo that to our knowledge was given forthe fi rst time in the world. she responded more than 90 percent. she’s been onmaintenance therapy without progression and has an almost normal life for ayear.


M.S is a 61 year old male patient who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with about 30 metastatic lesions in his liver and a big tumor on his pancreas at diagnosis. he was given a standard chemo protocol with progression and loosing45 lbs and become jaundiced. He was offered no more chemo by a major cancer center and sent to end of life care. after consultation at HHC and genetic testing he was started on a combination chemo/targeted therapy for the first time in the world(to our knowledge). his liver tumors resolved completely and the tumor in his pancreas shrunk by 75 percent. patient is stable with 25 lbs weight gain and much better quality of life.

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Case #6- Cancer of Kidney.

M.N is 72 year old male who was diagnosed with a very advanced metastatic rarecancer of kidney. he had a big tumor on his right kidney, multiple metastasis in hisabdomen and a giant 20cm tumor on his right chest wall. he was treated withstandard chemo at a very prestigious cancer center. his cancer did not respondand progressed further. he lost 40 lbs and became wheelchair bound. At HHC hehad an accurate analysis of his tumor tissue and started on a special protocolwhich has not been reported or used elsewhere by reviewing the literature. patientresponded almost by 85-90 percent and after just 2 months he was able to gofi shing(!) his favorite hobby.

Case #7- Upper Esophageal Cancer

P.H is 74 year old smoker patient who was diagnosed with advanced stage upper esophageal cancer for which he underwent concurrent chemo and radiation. his cancer relapsed locally and to local lymph nodes. he was not able to eat or drink and breath due to upper airway obstruction. he had a tracheostomy and feeding tube placed in is stomach. further chemo and radiation could not prevent the progressive disease. patient was referred to end of life care. he had continuous bleeding from his throat. At HHC patient was started on a combination chemo and targeted therapy based his tumor genetic features resulting in 95 percent disappearance of throat tumor. he gained significant weight and much better quality of life. Bleeding stopped completely as well as pain.

Case #8- Pancreas and Liver

EE: 79 female patient presented with abdominal pain and weight loss. Shesubsequently underwent PET-CT showing a large mass between her pancreas andliver. Biopsy from the mass showed adenocarcinoma of unknown primary so nospecifi c standard chemotherapy could be recommended by her oncologist. AtHope health center the tissue from biopsy was sent for comprehensive nextgeneration gene sequencing and chemosensitivity tests. It revealed the origin oftumor was more likely from pancreas with sensitivity to immunotherapy andspecial targeted therapy and chemotherapies. Accordingly a customizedtreatment protocol was designed and started. After about 3 months a repeat PET-CT scan showed almost complete resolution of original tumor. Patient becamepain free within 2 weeks of the very fi rst cycle of therapy. She returned to hernormal life activities within 2 months of therapy. This unique protocol has beenused for the fi rst time for this specifi c patient and not been reported in theliterature before.

Case #9- Lung Cancer

LB is a 71 year old Chinese patient who presented with history of cough,shortness of breath and weight loss. A CT-scan of chest revealed a left upper lungmass. Biopsy from the mass showed adenocarcinoma with specifi c genemutation which made her sensitive to a specifi c targeted therapy. Additionalgenetic studies were consistent with original assessment. A special protocoldesigned based on test results which included targeted therapy, anti-angiogenesisand immunotherapy. A follow up PET-CT showed 100% response anddisappearance of the tumor. Patient resumed her normal life within 2 months oftherapy. This protocol was unique and has not been reported before.

Case #10- Throat Cancer

DC was a 59 year old man who presented with locally advanced stage 4 throat cancer who could not have surgery started on a combination therapy using targeted therapy along with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Prior to therapy patient was not able to eat solid foods and had hoarseness. After 3 cycles of the customized therapy his neck tumors disappeared with complete response. He has gained weight with almost normal quality of life. He continues with a maintenance therapy to keep him in remission.

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Case #11- Pancreatic Cancer

65 year old male with unexplained weight loss and abdominal pain. PET-CT showed a large mass arising from body of pancrease with mediastinal and abdominal LAP. Needle biopsy c/w adenocarcinoma most likely from pancreaticobiliary.
• NGS: MSS, PDL-1 negative, FGFR-2 and PTEN mutated
• Started on chemoimmuno therapy+anti angio genesis using:
• Oxaliplatin+Irinotecan+Capecitabine+Nivolumab+Bevacizumab for 6 cyles.
• After 2 cycles patient had NO PAIN, Gained 15 LBS !
• In almost CR on maintenance therapy!

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