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The biggest Cancer Center in China Joins HHC Global Medical Education Program to Take advantage of knowledge Transfer to Over 100 physicians providing primary and specialty Cancer Care

Dr. Javadi’s practice is internationally recognized as a leader in Precision Oncology.

HHC and the biggest cancer center in china have launched a collaborative care initiative to improve Medical facilities access to health care, enhance care coordination and achieve the goals of improved health, affordability and cancer patient experience.

“This new affiliation provides us with an important framework in our mission to provide accountable, better coordinated personalized cancer care to our citizens” said Dr. Joe S

Our Global Health Programs bring the expertise and experinece of Dr. Javadi and his expert Team at HHC to 100s of doctors around the world to introduce innovative and state of the art treatment protocols to help improve patient’s quality of life!

This was a masterclass in modern cancer treatment. His detailed explanation provides a roadmap for integrating advanced genomic data into clinical practice
An attendee of Dr. Javadi's 2019 presentation in Beijing.

2019 Consortium of Chinese doctors

In 2019, Dr. Nader Javadi, an eminent figure in the field of Hematology and Oncology, led a groundbreaking presentation on precision oncology in Beijing, a significant event that marked a pivotal moment in global oncological discourse. This symposium, attended by over 100 oncologists, was a forum dedicated to the exchange of advanced medical knowledge and the latest developments in precision oncology, a subfield that focuses on tailored cancer treatments based on individual patient and tumor genetics.

Dr. Javadi’s presentation highlighted the forefront of U.S. methodologies in cancer treatment protocols, emphasizing the integration of genomic data and molecular profiling in devising personalized therapeutic strategies. This approach represents a paradigm shift in oncology, moving away from a one-size-fits-all treatment model towards more individualized care. The event fostered an international collaboration and knowledge transfer, enabling practitioners from diverse backgrounds to incorporate these cutting-edge techniques into their clinical practices.

Dr. Javadi’s expertise and insights into precision oncology were instrumental in enhancing the attendees’ understanding of the latest treatment protocols and their application in clinical settings, thereby advancing the global fight against cancer.

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